Jason Strimas the IT for TI.com


The above picture is of a relic of my history as a student, which was… well …many ‘several-ish’ years ago. And would you believe that this calculator, is the most reliable device I own that still works! Heck I gave it a name 13O13 (BOB).

If my calculator is a testament of quality and reliability I wonder what it would be like to work for tech company that made the device and components. Well this week The Pro Topics class got the next best thing; a visit from Jason Strimas of Texas Instruments, Manager of Internet Marketing Studio (IMS).


“Does any one use or have ever used a Texas Instrument product… most every response ‘a calculator’…be surprised Texas Instrument’s does more” —Jason Strimas


Jason’s Creative History

1991 – 1994

Technical Illustration passion, loved to create 3D perspective drawings.

Worked with Maya for the first time, introduced to development technology.


1994 – 1995

Introduced and Interested in Graphics, Multimedia and 3D modelling using Alias Sketch.


1995 – 1998

Interactive Multimedia CD-ROMs


-Credit card company

-Micro electronics


1998 Started to freelance

TI Texas Instruments a client

Toronto Studio was bought by Texas Instruments 1998-1999

Offices in Toronto, head office in Dallas, Texas.


Texas Instrument’s History

Founded in 1930 as a company that used seismic signals processing technology for research oil and gas.

Invented the integrated circuit 1958

Design, Manufacturer and Sell over 100,000 analog & chips.


‘Where ever semiconductors are used Texas Instruments components are used.’ —Jason Strimas

Components can be found in Automotive Technology, Industrial Enterprise Systems, Communication Technology and even help electronics enthusiasts and hobbyists.


“Texas Instruments won an academy award, with DLP Technology, used in all LED projectors.” – Jason Strimas


About the studio

Toronto studio uses a Team Model – Internal Client – No Agencies used.


  • Work Assignments
  • Consistency of work
  • Allot of prototyping – help going live
  • TI Data Metrics   | Driven Company

TI.com is Stats… users visiting website

On average 11.5 minute one for example

It has become a community, with 200,000 members, over 1,000,000 posts and replies. With 200 TI experts.

  • TI.com Designs:
  • Corporate
  • Web Banners
  • Community
  • Mobile Zimbra – community platform http://e2eti.com
    Mobile plays a big part, in that all client visits are mobile.

Quick Fact

-10% of all visits to TI.com are from mobile devices: Andriod: English and China & iOS Apps: English and China.


TI.com fun facts:

100,000 dynamic pages

Multi language: China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Germany, Italy, Russia, France.

China and Japanese website replicate English website.


Test is a staple for TI.com success. Responsive and Touch friendly, Prototyping and customer testing —usability testing.

A/B Testing optimizes usability


Scenario when testing

Set question are sent during A/B Testing


“Challenging is consistency content + brand” – Jason Strimas


TI.com uses an internal Pattern Library and style guide.

Fabrication method contains usual need content and code examples.


Always re-evaluating TI content— Style Guide


Google Material designs and mobile ready components

Now TI.com has their own web frameworks.

“How do we revise projects?”

Some interesting new, IE8 is finally disappearing

Creative Brief – is user experience focused

Needed before doing a project

Prep work – questions ready. Like can the web project can it be reused?

Talk and Interact with a large number of people

Review, Review, Review!


“Developers think they a Designer, Designers think they are Developers; what it really is, is a very give and take environment.”– Jason Strimas

Conclusion building web page component is very much like the components of my calculator, both serve a function, long lasting and reliable. Thank you Jason Strimas for taking the time to share your experiences, what your web team creates and what we hope to see in our career path.


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