JRC9 Design Studio Jonathan and Cora Cohlmeyer: Protectors for the future

Jonathan and Cora Cohlmeyer

Bit of background

Alumni of the Sheridan Web Design program 2010-2011 Graduates.
Interactive design and web development.


John is a freelance web designer with pursuits in art and photography started career as an internship at CSI – Centre for Social Innovation

Cora started her own start-up at CSI 3 ½ years

Together they became JRC9 3 years 
What a name for a creative team, it reminds me of something science fiction. In fact, the story of who they are part is part futuristic, Centre for Social Innovation or CSI is a social enterprise starting social change and innovation in Toronto and around the world.

John and Cora shows a video that explains the what, where, who, how and why CSI.

Essentially a shared company space that emphasizes social change.

JRC9 are participants of the Ontario Catapult Microloan program – Financial assistance given to “social entrepreneurs and innovators to grow their world-changing enterprises with access to capital CSI’s existing programming and services.”

JRC9 values that are focused on.


Empathy is the experience of understanding another person condition from their perspective – having people live the shoes of others. In respect to the web: how is it going to be used, how others people use a website.


Take the time to be sure that what you are doing will help people benefit from the information and other content presented on a website.


JRC9 strives to work with change, makers who we can learn from, who inspire us and who pushes us to think. Having access to an entire building is a great way to refine and further develop solutions for social innovation.  


Living simply, consuming less; The be kind to the food movement.

Inspiring environment organizations. Greenpeace, The World Wildlife Foundation and Amnesty international come to mind.

CSI inspiration starts the initiative to have warning labels on gas pumps.


Collaboration is powerful
Some of the companies they collaborate with include:


Synthescape Art Imaging

LOOP : Design for Social Goodhttp://socialinnovation.ca/community/organizations/loop

Studio Jaywall

Teach For Canada


Web projects

collaboration with Synthescape Art Imaging for http://umista.ca/

umist@potlatch.ca Pacific Northwest first nations Potlatch cultural museum and gallery in Alert Bay, British Columbia. Worked with Agnes Alfred of Alert Bay.

Favourite project collaboration was with Teach For Canada-education equal across Canada. Education – Lesson plans – will be accessible in schools September.

Teach For Canada works with First Nation of the North providing educational resources. Focus is to track and attract teachers to apply. Collaborated with print and web design and invited another partner Loop.

Highlight of the project was the designing of the Teach For Canada logo and having

Wondereur documenting the future of the art world. The project was so good it was nominated for best photography.

In the past 21/2 years worked with:

World Vision
educational initiatives

International Institute for Sustainable Development –action from hinder

Level-Changing lives through law

Royal BC Museum

City of Hamilton

Burlington University

What change do you want to create in the world?

How do you connect with each others?

CSI relationship with other organizations is like having lunch with colleagues.


The first iteration of a project: 100 pages of changes. Aligning of accessible with interaction, fixing small bugs, browser functionally new and old.

Typical day

Get to CSI early before everyone else. Keep work with work.

Non-profits what are they like to work with – compared to profits?

Non-profits have more value, are patient, understand the value of design, they budget to pay for design – try to avoid freebies.

As a couple John and Cora are business partners – each offers help in one area of expertise’s – but maintaining of personal space is important.

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