Hugh Elliott The Gypsy King —Baseball Card

You probably never heard of the Gypsy King card, it is my version of a popular brand of baseball card know as Gypsy Queen manufactured by Topps Collectibles. Your asking your self, what does baseball cards have to do with a guest speak for last Fridays. Professional Topics class. Well I will come out and say it in a language that will get your attention.

‘For Expletive sakes, Hugh Elliott reminds me of a god expletive baseball player’ —James Baker

Yes, I know strange, but the first bit of evidence is his professional journey. It is reminiscent of a player’s stats and they are all good, meaning he must be good at what he does, gets hired by some of the biggest agencies, gets the job done, at same time having fun and as a bonus a Bohemian prospective of being creative.


Hugh Elliott: The Gypsy King



Mr. Hugh Elliott is a independent developer who is freelancing

This King has not publicly spoken in 3 years

Hugh likes to swear a lot, baseball players like to swear a lot too.

“This is my persona, who I am” –Hugh Elliott

Home Run stats

1998 Electronic Media Animator – at the time animation studios where hiring anyone with a basic understanding of design applications and a desire to learn.


1999 Junior Designer


2000 McCann McLaren – largest ad agency North America – MultiMedia CD-ROMS ‘Sigh!’ author ‘Sigh x 2’


2002 Senior Flash Developer


2003 Free agent started own company Nemesis Group, Technical Director- Won agency of the year


2004 Hugh Elliott Developer – Sites and web banners


2006 Fjord – Senior flash Developer


2007 Organics – Manager, Intergrated Media


2009 Henderson Bas Kohn –director of rich media 5 weeks


2009 Free Agent Hugh Elliott developer


2012 Kolody Technical Director


2012 MacLaren McCann – Director Front End and creative development | creative took a back seat


2014 Hugh Elliott Developer

“They come to Hugh, I fix it” —Hugh Elliott

Batter up: Tips for new developers

  • Maintain your connections
  • Did you have a strategy
  • Freelance save up $ 3 months – slow periods January February and Summer
  • Speculative is a bad word Collaborative is a good word
  • Speculative – Free- lose rights – try to avoid
  • Collaboration think like a musician – helps build portfolio, work with like minded people – network
  • Flash banners be prepared to do banners 
  • Avoid making bad banners
  • Family is a good motivator
  • Do not be afraid to ask for endorsement
  • Keep the CORE of the design alive
  • Creatives make a lot of $$$ welcome to the major league kiddo
  • Freelance, give it try you might like it
  • Contact Project Managers
  • Passion Project v. Other Projects, can be symbiotic
  • Make & build something from scratch

Be willing to fail.” –Hugh Elliott


Current projects

Photography – Long exposure using light, on Vine – 5 sec videos

Maker projects such an LED clock, freelance Side projects

Long Exposure light motion capture build for creative applications



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