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…and queue the electro synth music. Does this modified quote remind you a certain educational film series from the past? Well it did for me, strange but true, I loved watching educational programming and Think About was the name and the intro music was pretty funky.

Welcome back Pro Topic friends, I thought I would introduce this weeks blog with a bit of a retro flashback feel, remembering educational programming, as I believe that last Fridays guest speaker, Alexander Younger, owner of Design Lab, made an impactful presentation. And reminded me of my enjoyment of educational television. Alexander Younger’s presentation was very much like like a educational or training film with him as a presenter. Mr. Younger is a very well spoken and charismatic narrator. His presentation, was clear, concise and to the point. I got a lot from his presentation, designed to inform the group, very entertaining educational film come to life. In the mean time let me reiterate the presentation.

Alexander Younger is the President and CEO of Design Lab
Founded 1992.

The presentation was titled:

Alexander Younger: Finding the Right Job.

The premise is: Agency coming to tell you what the agency is like when you want a job.

My prospective:
This is very important to understand what agency’s require in a candidate.

Tips and Scoops.

A bit of background: Mr. Younger been in the business for 23-24 years running. works digitally for some very important clients:

Beer Sales like Beer Store 


Real Estate

Aviation like Diamond Aircraft 

And is committed to using the newest technologies, solar array on the roof, save energy.

My prospective:
It is impressive that Design Lab is an organization taking the initiative towards saving the environment and rolling out incredible creative.

Alexander Younger asked Why are we here?
Sheridan is an excellent opportunity and we should us it.

Employers will look at what you did; here every project counts, especially if your portfolio is light.

Get to know your class mates – they are all going places and well make great contacts in the future.

How you take a problem and solve-it

My prospective:
Every opportunity should be taken to see all what sheridan can offer. Many outside resources can help improve your portfolio and to build our confidence. And the number one resource are your classmates. Having a solid creative and problem solving process is key.

“Simple is very hard”

—Alexander Younger

Getting a Job Paradox


  1. Apply for Job
  2. Getting rejected, it’s nothing, try again.
  3. Talk to your peers about agencies

My prospective:
There is a process for everything, including getting a job you love.

Go online and create a shortlist of places you want to work and write down Why?

  • Visit their website carefully
  • do your research
  • ask a lot of questions
  • Take your projects and deconstruct
  • improve what is not working vs. what is.
    My prospective:
    Think of your interview search as the most import project of your life.

Cover Letter and Resume

  • Keep it short
  • Reason to like you
  • Now about the company
  • Be memorable, but in the right way
  • Send something unique
  • “Be who you are”
  • Write a good resume

Attention avoid phrases like “Excellent Communicator”

Be ready for…

  • Telling about your experience
  • Lead the interviewer the right direction
  • Be outgoing, nerves is expected relax, chat
  • Mention that your skill set can help grow the company and add to the team.

Prepare you portfolio
Make it nice – not flashy
Keep it clean and professional
Don’t get to edgy or cool
Show process of work
Problem solving
Think of it as a product

“FACEBOOK” keep it focused
It is part of your brand and prospective employers look at it.

The interview, be expected to interview 2-3 times First on the phone, in-person, and with the team. Theme, is it one sided, lead the interview.

  • Ask about the culture – learning annex
  • Asked to be invited to the table
  • Want to contribute
  • Who’s going to be in the interview?
  • creative team?
  • Make Sheridan a key point
  • Be prepared to talk about the firm, who would you work with
  • List a lot of questions- PRINT them out
  • Rules when interviewing or visiting
  • No Gum Chewing
  • No Sunglasses
  • No Slogan Shirt
  • Details are important
  • Meeting with clients dress nice show some effort
  • No cologne or at least do not bath in it.
  • Notes Printed/ Show you are prepared
  • Tablet us it/meet the team
  • After the interview
  • Write a thank you note
  • Write down any follow up questions for the next interview
  • Keep on interviewing

Never Settle! Take the wrong job,
No one wins at the wrong job.

Talk to someone open and honest. Talk Talk.
If you don’t thing will get worse.
How to get
Put together a great portfolio
Great attitude
Research the company and your interviewer
Ask a lot of questions
Don’t settle!

Types of interview

One on One usually means need anyone to fill a job posting right away, be wary of this
As they may have a lot of turn around.
Panel Interview is most common, Design Lab uses this method.
It can be unnerving sometimes/Good Cop / Bad Cop.
Tips – we care about all people
Listen to questions- think about it, ask does that answer your questions
Cold Calling? Ask to personalize
Reason to be interested in the company
Most agency cultures believe in having diversity. Fit well.

alexander_younger_m2“Nature abhors a vacuum ”
—Alexander Younger

(“horror vacui, or plenism” — Aristotle quote) Cool, Smart & True

Thank you Alexander Younger

Q and A

Best method to ask about culture?

Ask directly “Describe the Culture”
The culture should be that impliments a constructive resolution of conflict

1st interview get hired RUN.

What would be a good work life balance?

Work and happiness should go together,
Sharing with colleagues is important.

Recap Interview stages

  1. By phone first
  2. 1hr in person interview
  3. With the team

Some companies ask you to take a test

But most important trust your gut.


If you have good references share them– will call

Asking for a tour ok?

Yes ask for a tour

Ok. Ok. my question and as mentioned at the beginning of the blog

This is the reason that I chose a educational film theme.

Thanks you letters Snail Mail or Email?

“If you got a letter in the mail you would read, like and remember it.”

Hell Yes ‘thumbs-up’

queue the electro synth music again —fade to black

and scene.

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